Long Term Nurturing Capital

kgb Targets Companies with a Clear Vision and a Commitment to Delight their Customers even in the Fog of Chaos.

We are a New Breed of Investor

Clever Innovative Thinking Knows No Boundaries.

Looking for Management Teams that are Resilient and Reactive

Transparent and Effective Communication Leads to Success.

About Us

Supported by our long-standing shareholders and investors, we strongly believe that our investment horizon provides a lasting advantage. We focus on growing and investing in companies that are “first in mind” in their respective industries.

We are attracted to industries in need of some controlled “chaos”. Change is necessary. Change is constant. Disruption can happen anywhere. We invest in companies driving this “chaos” and management teams that are compelled to take advantage of it.

We were founded in 1992 and have been innovating, operating, growing and investing alongside entrepreneurs and management teams across the globe from New York to London to Dublin to Paris to Zurich to Manila for almost 30 years.

We have built some of the most well-known brands in the United Kingdom and France. During that time, we have acquired companies and invested growth capital in sectors where we have unparalleled experience including: Consumer Brands, Financial Services, Telecom/Technology and Services.